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Easy solution that calculates when women are most and least likely to get pregnant.

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What is Ovulation Calculator?

Ovulation Calculator is a reliable tool that determines the date(s) when women are most and least likely to get pregnant, based on their menstruation cycles. Ovulation Calculator uses the method developed by doctors and tested in hundreds of fertility clinics all over the world. The precision rate for this application is 95%, meaning 95 out of 100 healthy women get pregnant if they have sex on the date(s) calculated and if they or their partners do not have any medical conditions that interferes with fertility. The "success rate" for no pregnancy risk days is much higher.

Ovulation Calculator features.

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  • Increase the chances of becoming pregnant.
  • Ability to plan the sex of your future child.
  • Ovulation Calculator helps you avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Simple interface that's easy to use!
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Ovulation Calculator helps you to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

The software uses known, published, tested-and-proven method for calculating the date(s) when women are most/least likely to get pregnant. Medical practitioners and fertility clinics use exactly the same methodology to increase chances of getting pregnant for their clients. It does not matter if you use this software or consult your fertility doctor - if you provide the same information about your menstruation cycle, the results will be identical. The purpose of Ovulation Calculator is to give you the way to avoid costly medical fees and be able do it in the comfort of your home.

Ovulation Calculator helps you plan the sex of your future child.

In addition, Ovulation Calculator also helps you plan the sex of your future child. While the success rate here is much lower, the study of 1000+ couples clearly demonstrates that there is enough evidence behind this method. In other words, there is a 50/50 chance that a boy/girl will be born but out of 1000 women who tried to plan for the gender of their future child, 700+ gave birth to the baby of the sex they planed for.

Ovulation Calculator helps you avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Ovulation Calculator is very popular among married women who already have babies and are trying to avoid pregnancy but don't like using contraception for one reason or another.

Ovulation Calculator - simple interface that's easy to use!

Ovulation Calculator is built like an organizer, with a clear and uncluttered interface. A woman simply enters information about her menstruation period, clicks the Calculate! button and the program shows a calendar with dates when she is most/least likely to get pregnant highlighted. If unsure, she can go back to the calendar any time. Plus Ovulation Calculator scheduler can automatically remind of these dates, if so desired. The program is 100% free to download and try!

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